Point Book DIPONTO

With 120 sheets, the DIPONTO Point Book is different from the others because of its configuration as a point card - each employee performs their monthly registration in a single sheet, making it easier for the HR Manager to close the point faster .

Ideal for companies with up to 10 employees and for use by domestic servants (according to the PEC of the Households), this book allows employees to register their point in full working hours, in addition to overtime and absentee hours.

Which companies can use the POINT BOOK?

Any company, or person in your residence, can use the book point for the schedule record of your employees.

Technical specifications of POINT BOOK

  • Dimensions (W x H in mm): 275 x 205.
  • Offset printing paper.
  • Contains 120 sheets.
  • Durability: 1 year.
Signaling DIPONTO


Know the whole line of sound and visual signaling.

Supplies DIPONTO


Know the supplies line to automated time clocks and time recorders.